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CollegeBoard's Advanced Placement program allows students to earn college credits while in high school by taking academically rigorous courses and passing the corresponding course examinations. The AP program further allows students to prepare for the demands of courses they will encounter at a college or university. 

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What are the benefits of taking an AP course?

  • Internationally recognized program
  • AP courses weighted on an 6-point OPCS GPA scale
  • Potential college credit awarded for successful passing of AP exams.
    • College credit earned through AP exams is awarded across the United States. Students are encouraged to research their college or university of interest to determine the exact credit amount awarded based on the institution.
  • AP courses allow for a breadth of knowledge in a course that might be of interest to a student’s future career path. Not only preparing the student for college, but providing the skills necessary for success once enrolled. 
  • Colleges and Universities review a student's transcript for rigorous coursework during their application process and take this into account when making admissions decisions. Individual high schools' profiles are utilized to see if students are attempting the academic rigor and potential offered at their high school.
    • Whether or not college credit is earned by the student through AP exams, colleges and universities want to see students continue to challenge themselves in the classroom.

How can I earn college credit?

Students should always check their college/university of interest for the most up to date information for credit by examination. Below are more resources to best assist you in understanding what credit can be earned from AP exams.

Horizon High School offers the following AP courses. Click on the AP classes below for more information.

AP Art History**
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC

AP Capstone Diploma Program (There are 2 courses within this program, listed below)

AP Computer Science Principles
AP Drawing
AP English Language
AP Macroeconomics**
AP Music Theory
AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based
AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based**
AP Statistics
AP United States Government and Politics**
AP United States History

**Coming in the 2022-2023 School Year

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