American Heart Challenge

American Heart Community Service Challenge

OCPS Service Hours Rubric

OCPS District Community Services Hours Form must also be completed and turned into your school counselor. You can find more information about the challenge on the American Heart Association website.

Three Community Service Hours

·         Attend virtual CPR Training and Kick-Off presentation led by the American Heart Association.

·         Register on American Heart Challenge App or website.

·         Personalize your page with a photo and story.

·         Send 10 emails or texts via or the AHC mobile app.  (Please also send one email to your school counselor in order to receive service hours.)

Additional Three Community Service Hours  (Six Total)

·         All of the above

·         Students share fundraising link via social media (Instagram, TikTok, etc.) tagging the American Heart Association

·         Students create a personalized video to send to family and friends sharing why they are supporting the American Heart Association. (Please also send video to school counselor to receive service hours)

Additional Four Community Service Hours  (10 Total)

·         Attend a local CPR certification course becoming CPR certified (Provide certification document with OCPS Community Service Form to school counselor to receive the hours.)                             Find a course here