Community Service

Community Service

In order for students to satisfy the community service requirement for Bright Futures eligibility, they must:

  • Develop a written community service plan which addresses a social problem or concern and his or her personal involvement in addressing the issue. 
  • Submit community service documentation to a school counselor upon completion of the approved activity, which includes an essay or other presentation in which the student evaluates and reflects upon his or her experience. 

Community service projects will not be accepted if they were completed: 

  • For a family member 
  • Prior to the summer before entering Grade 9
  • See the special notice below for students transferring to Horizon High School this year.

All high schools will use the Community Service Proposal & Reflection Form to document community service for OCPS students. Make sure to review the Community Service Plan Guide before filling out your plan.

School counselors must:

  • Approve student plans prior to implementation.
  • Review documentation upon completion. 
  • Check for signatures from the student, parent/guardian, and a representative of the organization for which the student performed the volunteer service work.

Volunteer Opportunity Websites

 Volunteer Match  Hands on Orlando 
 VolunteerSpot  Points of Light
 Do Something  


Be sure to check out the navigation menu on the left for specific opportunities. 

For Students Transferring to Horizon High School

Students transferring to Horizon High School from other OCPS schools (including Windermere High School) should have completed community service hours verified and finalized by their current counselor before transferring.

For example, if you are a current student at Windermere High School who will complete the year at Windermere, your hours completed throughout the 20-21 school year should be verified and finalized by your WHS counselor.

For hours completed in summer 2021 and beyond, your Horizon High School counselor will approve your community service plan and verify your completed hours once complete. Hours earned and verified by prior schools will be included in your total community service hours for Bright Futures purposes.