Attendance is the foundation of a quality education; you can't learn if you're not here! Remember, also, that not attending school can affect your driving privileges: students with 15 or more absences within a 90-day period are reported to the DMV.

You can see the full Attendance Policy on the OCPS website. To report an excused absence, complete the Excused Absence Form and turn it in to the attendance office. This is the only way to have an absence excused.

What You Need to Know

All students who have attained the age of six (6) years by February 1 of any school year, or who are older than six (6) years of age but have not attained the age of sixteen (16) years, shall be required to attend school regularly during the school term.

A student is absent for the entire day if they miss more than ½ of the school day. All absences are recorded as unexcused until the student returns and provides documentation concerning the reason for the absence.

If the absence meets criteria for an excused absence , then the absence will be recorded as "excused." Absences shall be excused for the following:

  • Illness, injury, or other insurmountable condition;
  • Illness or death of a member of the student’s immediate family (OCPS practice has been to define immediate family as the student’s mother, father, brother, sister, stepmother, stepfather, step-siblings, and other relatives who live in the
    student’s home);
  • Recognized (or established) religious holidays and/or religious instruction;
  • Medical appointments;
  • Legal appointments;
  • Participation in an approved activity or class of instruction held at another site;
  • Prearranged absences of educational value with the principal’s prior approval;
  • Pediculosis (head lice) infestation (up to four (4) days per school year);
  • Catastrophic disasters that significantly impact the life of the student (e.g. loss of residence from natural disaster).

Students shall be given a reasonable amount of time to make up any work assignments which were missed during an absence. At least one (1) school day shall be allowed to make up missed work for each day of absence.

A student who is not in their first assigned class at the beginning of each school day shall be considered tardy.