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How Do I Begin in Choosing the Best Coursework for me?

Students have more opportunities than ever in choosing the programs/courses they would like to take while in high school. It is no longer a one size fits all educational method and it is vital that students, parents and educators are ALL involved in the educational process of each student. What works for one student may not work for other students, so it is important that each student has a plan on what they would like to accomplish. Your Hawk Student Services Team can help you Elevate the Pursuit!

 We encourage ALL Hawks and parents to review all resources of the programs and courses that Horizon and OCPS has to offer so that families can make the best decision for their students. Horizon HS recommends that all students start with the GOAL in mind for what they would like to pursue after high school and choose courses that interest them as well as prepares them for life beyond the Horizon. 

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