Cambridge AICE Program

Cambridge AICE Program


Cambridge AICE Diploma Program is an Advanced International Certificate of Education offered through Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge AICE International Website). As an international diploma program offered through Cambridge University, students are provided with a rigorous, internationally recognized curriculum across many subject-areas. The Cambridge AICE program is offered in over 150 countries around the world. 

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What are the benefits of taking a Cambridge AICE course?

  • Internationally recognized program 
  • PreAICE courses weighted on a 5-point OCPS GPA scale
  • AICE courses weighted on an 6-point OCPS GPA scale
  • Potential college credit awarded for successful passing of AICE exams
    • College credit earned through AICE exams is awarded across the United States. Students are encouraged to research their college or university of interest to determine the exact credit amount awarded based on the institution.
    • A large percentage of our college bound students attend Florida colleges and universities, which provides college credit for passed AICE exams. 
  • Automatic qualification for Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholars Award if Cambridge AICE Diploma is earned and 100 community service hours are completed (No test scores or GPA required).
  • AICE courses allow for a depth of knowledge in a course that might be of interest to a student’s future career path. AICE courses not only prepare the student for college, but provide the skills necessary for success once enrolled.
  • Colleges and Universities review a student’s transcript for rigorous coursework during their application process and take this into account when making admissions decisions. Individual high schools’ profiles are utilized to see if students are attempting the academic rigor and potential offered at their high school.
    • Whether or not college credit is earned through AICE exams, colleges and universities want to see students continuing to challenge themselves in the classroom. 


How can I earn college credit?

  • Florida Colleges and Universities
    • Public state colleges and universities award credit for passing scores on AICE exams. For specific exam credit, please visit the college/university of interest. You may also look at the Florida Department of Education Credit by Examination List. Colleges and Universities can award up to 45 credit hours based on students’ credit by examination scores. (Credits that exceed 45 credit hours may be transferred at the discretion of the college/university).
  • Out of State Colleges and Universities
    • Specific exam credit throughout the world can be access on the Cambridge Assessment International Education website.
      • Select your location (Most will select United States). You can select a State if you want or leave it blank.
      • Select the Organization type – Universities and colleges
      • Click on the + sign next to Cambridge International AS & A Level and Cambridge AICE and check the box
      • Click Search
      • Click the + sign next to Cambridge International AS & A Level and Cambridge AICE Diploma to open up the search results  


Do I have to seek a Cambridge AICE Diploma in order to take AICE classes?

It is not required that you seek the Cambridge AICE Diploma in order to take AICE classes at Horizon High. In fact, students not seeking the Cambridge Diploma option are encouraged to take AICE classes for the rigor and opportunity to earn potential college credit.

How would my courses look if I were to seek the Cambridge AICE Diploma option?

To qualify for the AICE Diploma you will need to successfully take and pass 7 AICE courses and the respective exams. Courses must be completed within a 25 month time frame (3 years of high school).

Cambridge AICE Diploma Requirements

The groups below list the classes students can take at Horizon towards earning the Cambridge AICE Diploma:


Group 1: Mathematics and Sciences

Group 2: Languages

Group 3: Arts and Humanities

Group 4: Interdisciplinary Studies (optional)


For more information regarding Cambridge AICE curriculum and diploma, please visit the Cambridge AICE International Website or contact a Horizon School Counselor.