Paying for Obligations

Paying for Obligations

You can pay for your any money you owe to the school with credit/debit cards, cash, or checks. We encourage all parents and students to pay with their credit/debit cards using the School Pay website by using the links below.

We can take cash or check payments for laptops, chargers, and books in the media center before school, after school, and at lunch. Credit/Debit card payments must be made online using the links below. 

All club and athletic's dues and fees need to be paid to the club sponsor.

IMPORTANT: Obligations paid for on School Pay will remain on your account until you send or bring in the receipt to the media center.

If you owe an obligation to another school (for example, a lost library book from elementary school), you will need to contact the school that you own for payment.




Damaged/Lost Computer 


  • $25 or
  • $50 or
  • Prorated price of the computer


Damaged/Lost Charger 


  • $10 or
  • $15 or
  • $25


Damaged/Lost Books 

  • Price of the Book