Horizon students will take a variety of tests throughout the school year. Testing is a way to measure students' learned knowledge as well as measure students' readiness for college. Please use the resources on this page to assist you in understanding the difference in available tests.

High School Graduation Assessment Requirements

Students must pass the 2 required assessments below to earn a Florida High School Diploma.

  • Grade 10 Florida Standards Assessment English Language Arts (FSA)
  • Algebra 1 Florida Standards Assessment End of Course Exam (FSA EOC)

More information on these assessments and the use of concordant scores to meet graduation assessment requirements can be found on Florida's Department of Education Graduation Requirements for Statewide Assessments page.

College Dual Enrollment

Students interested in College Dual Enrollment Programs will have to meet the testing requirements for that program. The following Dual Enrollment Programs accept the tests below:

  • University of Central Florida – SAT, ACT
  • University of Florida – SAT, ACT, PSAT
  • Valencia College – PERT, SAT, ACT

Please visit our College Dual Enrollment Programs Page for more information.

College Admissions

Most public colleges and universities in Florida require the SAT or ACT scores as part of their admissions process. Please check the individual college or university of interest in Florida or another state for their testing admission requirements. 


Horizon Testing Coordinators

FSA EOCs, NGSSS EOCs, CFEs (ext. 641.2406) – Krista Rowland

School Day ACT, PERT, PSAT, School Day SAT (ext. 641.2250)– Corinne Ambrose

AICE, AP – Mel Rupp