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Student Services Office 

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:00AM - 3:00PM

Counselors/Specialists Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:15AM - 2:45PM

Phone: 407.554.1814 (extensions listed below) | Fax: 407.554.1872


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 Student Services Team Email Appointment Link Extension
 Assistant Principal of Instruction Wessal Kenaio [email protected]    641.2235
Clerk  Martha Guido [email protected] Transcript Requests 641.2225
Registrar Diana Williams  [email protected] New Student Registration Appointments 641.2248
College & Career Specialists
Career Specialist Arisnet Perez  [email protected]   641.2246
College Specialist & Testing Coordinator (School Day ACT, PERT, PSAT, School Day SAT) Corinne Ambrose corinne[email protected] College & Career Appointments  641.2250
OCPS College Transition Counselor Sue Robbins  [email protected]    Off Campus 
 School Counselors By Grade Level
Class of 2024  Holly McGregor  [email protected]


Counselor Appointments

Class of 2025  Shannon Renfro [email protected] 641.2242
 Class of 2023 Heather Zoller  [email protected] 641.2241 
School Support Specialists
 504 Coordinator  Chamarah Joseph  [email protected] 641.2247
Advanced Studies/AICE Testing Coordinator  Mell Rupp [email protected] 641.2367
ELL Specialist  Chistiane Geminiani [email protected] 641.2245
 ESE Specialist  Elizabeth Hassan [email protected] 641.2244
Licensed Mental Health Counselors Heather Martin & Amber Minton

[email protected] & [email protected]

SAFE Coordinator   Paulette Randolph [email protected] 641.2452 
Testing Coordinator (State FSA EOC/District Tests)  Krista Rowland  [email protected] 641.2406
 Testing Coordinator (AP)   Glenda Hammons [email protected]  641.2289