Health Hero Flu Shot Clinic

Free Flu Shots for Students from Health Heroes


In partnership with Orange County Public Schools, it is our pleasure to offer on-site flu vaccinations at your student’s school. Flu clinics will be offered at each school location during school hours. Health Hero Florida flu vaccination clinics are completely voluntary and are offered to ALL consented students, regardless of their insurance coverage.

Why get a flu vaccine?

The best way to minimize or avoid the spread of flu is to get an annual flu vaccination. Each year the vaccine protects against new strains, therefore, the vaccine should be administered annually.

Who is Health Hero Florida?

Health Hero Florida is a school located immunization program, created to address a concern about high levels of absenteeism causing low test scores and academic performance. Our mission is to make immunizations available to every student, helping to stop diseases like the flu A and B in their tracks.

What type vaccines will be given?

IIV-4 injections will be available to all consented children who do not have any contra-indicators. All vaccines given are preservative-free, mercury-free, Thimerosal-free and administered by state-licensed nurses.

What do you need to do to participate?

If you wish for your child to participate, please COMPLETELY fill out and sign a consent form (also available en Español). These forms need to be returned to your child’s school prior to the clinic date to secure a dose for your child.

For further information you can also visit our website at We hope to see your child in clinic!